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Prayer is called a virtue, but in reality it is the mother of the virtues: for it gives birth to them through union with Christ.
— St. Mark the Ascetic, "On Those who think they are made righteous by works"
Pocket Commemoration Book

Prayer is at the center of our life in Christ and unites us to each other. As Orthodox Christians, there are many people for whom we should pray. But we lead busy lives and it can be hard to remember everyone and their needs.

This book is designed to help. Small enough to fit in most pockets, this book has pages to write in the names of all the people you should be praying for, according to their various needs, and blank lined pages, both for the living and the departed. This book is meant to be carried with you and updated frequently.

While it is not a prayer book, it does include a few short prayers for specific needs.

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Prayer Book for Children — COMING SOON!

In the first half of 2019, we will be releasing a hardcover, high quality prayer book for children that contains morning and evening prayers, prayers before and after communion, prayers for different occasions, as well as personal diptychs for children to maintain their own lists of the living and departed to pray for throughout the day. The book also includes explanations and commentaries to help children understand the importance of prayer