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Exaltation Press - Making the wealth of Orthodox literature available in the English language

“The person who loves God values knowledge of God more than anything created by God, and pursues such knowledge ardently and ceaselessly.
— St. Maximos the Confessor, Four Hundred Texts on Love

Welcome to Our Website!

We’re glad that you’re here! While our publishing company is only a few months old, we have big plans for the coming year and so we hope that you’ll check back with us frequently. So far, we have published one series of books, “Scriptures and Feasts for Children,” which you can find in our children’s section. All of our books are also available on Amazon. We recently published a children’s catechism, The Law of God for Children, and soon we will be publishing two children’s prayer books, a commentary on the Divine Liturgy for laity, more books in our series on Orthodoxy for Children, as well as partnering with the Orthodox Christian Translation Society to publish a series of the lives of saints for children.

Who we are

Exaltation Press was started in late 2018 by an Orthodox priest serving in the United States.

As a younger man and a lover of languages, he traveled around the Orthodox world and became acquainted with many of the wonderful, high quality, books that are being published in other countries.

Returning to America and settling down in a parish, he kept running into the same problem. Parishioners would ask for book recommendations for themselves or their children. He would know exactly what book to recommend to meet their need! But, unfortunately, it wouldn’t do any good, because it wasn’t available in English yet.

Exaltation Press is a loving attempt to fill that need. We are dedicated to serving Christ’s Church by increasing the availability of good Orthodox books in English (and, Lord willing, in Spanish).

Our patron feast is the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, on September 14th.

Our Purpose

Orthodoxy in English is a small fish in a large pond. While we have been blessed with many good English language authors and publishers who are doing very good work, sheer numbers mean that for every good Orthodox book published in English, there are hundreds written in other languages, inaccessible to an English speaking audience. At Exaltation Press, our main focus is on translating and publishing books into English, although we may produce original content from time to time as well.

As time goes on, we hope to make some of them available in Spanish as well, especially given the historical mass conversion to Orthodoxy taking place in Guatemala and southern Mexico and the scarcity of good Orthodox material in Spanish. We hope at some point to have a way for people to donate books to be sent there to the mission field.

Focus and Quality

Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us that if we want to be His disciples, we must take up our crosses and follow Him daily. The Orthodox faith is not just an abstract ideal, but a path that we must, with God’s help, walk. As a result, our focus is on finding, translating, and publishing books that we pray will be of practical use.

Because Exaltation Press was started by a priest who serves a parish with a lot of young families and who is himself a father, we hope to publish good quality Orthodox children’s books that can be used at home or in Sunday school, as well as books for parents to give advice and encouragement.

We also plan on publishing books for adults, as well.

Travel to a country immersed in Orthodoxy and walk into a parish or a monastery, and you’ll see thousands and thousands of good books. We’re committing to finding the best in terms of content, illustrations, and overall quality to make available in English.

A Note on Shipping

At Exaltation Press, our goal is always to get quality books into the hands of the Orthodox faithful. We have two ordering processes available to our customers. Firstly, our products can be found on Amazon and are readily available with their fast shipping options. Secondly, our books are also available through our own website which, while taking a bit longer, helps to support the work of the publishing company by reducing our costs. We are a mission priest family and we appreciate every order that comes through our site. Don’t forget that there will be sale prices only available through the publishing site so check back often. Church bookstores and religious education wholesale and bulk orders are best ordered directly from the publisher. Contact us by email.