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Because orders placed through our website (rather than through other places like Amazon) have a little more margin, it’s important to us at Exaltation Press to use the sale of our books to help support good Orthodox causes (charities, mission parishes, or other urgent needs that may arise) by donating a portion of the proceeds or running fundraisers. On this page, we will list any current causes that are being supported.

Please note, this only applies to books purchased through the website, and not to wholesale or bookstore orders.


Great Lent 2019 - Project Mexico

This June, for the second time, a group of people from our parish will be traveling to the outskirts of Tijuana, Mexico, to an area where many people lack adequate shelter, to help build a house for a family in need. Lack of adequate housing is a serious problem, both for children and adults, that leads to lower educational and health outcomes and helps perpetuate poverty. The house will be given to the family free of charge, in Christ’s name. This year, a father (Ross Vande Waa) and two of his children will be traveling on behalf of our parish. They have already raised part of the money they need to fund the trip, but need to raise another $2,500. This Great Lent, we would like to help them.

For every book purchased below, $3 will be donated to help fund their trip and for every complete set bought below (hardcover or paperback), $10 will be donated.